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Warren Golf Review

I never think of Indiana as the home of great golf courses but I won't think that again after playing the fantastic Warren Golf Course in South Bend, Indiana. The routing takes the golfer over a great mix of land between hills, ponds, streams and heathered rough leading to forests which gives it a very English vibe.

The first hole is emblematic of the course as a hole. C&C frame where you need to go off the tee but thin out the rough and trees in case you miss the intended line.

I played a lot of golf courses during my recent midwest trip but the greens at Warren definitely were the best. Fast but not too quick. Pure rolls off the putter. You could bump and run it or hold the green with wedge shots.

Aside from the greens, you also have the amazing Coore/Crenshaw bunkers jutting out from time to time, keeping you honest as you knock the ball around the course.

I also didn't realize how much water was on the course. From ponds to streams, water factors into a lot of your shots but doesn't seem contrived or tacked on (thus more kudos to C&C for their design).

While South Bend is a bustling Indiana city, the course but yet I felt firmly enmeshed in nature and had a really relaxing round (the deer seemed relaxed as well).

My favorite hole by far had to be the 16th which starts an amazing run of holes leading up to 18. 16 though is a short par 4 with a great creek and heathland features which slowly slopes uphill

Warren really surprised me. I wasn't expecting to be as good as it was but boy is it a fun track. The conditioning is second to none and the staff was fantastic. The course's routing is going to be revamped for the US Senior Open in 2019 and from what I hear the changes will be for the best. While Warren is great, the front side pales in comparison to the back side and hopefully the course will incorporate all the changes made for the USGA for future golfers post-2019. If they do, I will be back in a flash!

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