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Ranking The Yardage Books- Halfway Point

I started playing golf in the 1990s. Digital was just a twinkle in the eye at that time so if you really wanted to know a course you had to get your hands on a physical yardage book. Of course during my Coore Crenshaw quest, you know I was going to collect as many yardage books as possible. Since we are living in modern, digital times, many golf courses have phased out the physical yardage book but those that I do have I figured, why not rank em?  These rankings are COMPLETELY subjective and only reflect the yardage books I have collected on my quest at the halfway point. Once my quest is finally over, I hope to have a definitive ranking (I can tell you are all waiting with baited breath for that one). Courses NOT ranked because no books were printed or available at the time of my visit include Sand Valley and Barton Creek. Here we go! 10) Tie We-Ko-Pa and Talking Stick Sigh Arizona. I know you are like 1,000,000 degrees during the Summer so yardage books made out of p