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2018 Plans

What is it, time for another year? When did this happen? What happened to 2017? I have a lot of questions but the only answer is play more golf! I knocked off a few C&C courses last year all over the country and this year I aim to do it again. Here are a few on the hit parade for 2018! Texas Swing : Texas is a big state and just big enough to accommodate 3 Coore-Crenshaw courses. I have already been fortunate to play Trinity Forest (can't wait for my next round there!) but there are still 2 more I have to play. First up is the mysterious Austin Golf Club. There are few pictures of this course and even fewer people have played it but I am hopeful to get my mystery card punched in a few months. Next is Barton Creek's course . BC has multiple golf courses, all of which look awesome but my heart is set on the aptly named "Coore Crenshaw Golf Course". Can't wait to check out the resort and also some Texas BBQ while I am in Austin. Bandon, Finally :