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We-Ko-Pa Saguaro

"Sting" is putting it mildly Ben. Set in the rolling Fountain Hills just outside of Scottsdale, We Ko Pa's Saguaro course has a LOT of bite to it and will test any amateur golfer.

Almost every hole necessitates a carry over desert scrub brush and/or gullies. The only way to truly attack this course is to drive it long and straight, otherwise you will be picking cactus needles out of your ball all day.

Since the course is set amongst rolling hills, you are often hitting to the tops of hills and if not, you are looking at blind second and third shots.

Unlike its sister course "Cholla", the hole and all of its danger is clearly in front of you. It is one of the ultimate target/execution desert courses you could play in Arizona. There are zero houses surrounding the course (a rarity from what I learned from my Arizona playing companions) and you really are out in the middle of nowhere playing golf.

Just like Talking Stick, my favorite Coore Crenshaw hole at Saguaro was the split fairway par 5, always an interesting challenge especially in a harsh desert landscape.

You will notice the course is very green which is a function of the course being on Indian land and thus having different water rights than other local courses. If you playing golf during the Summer in Arizona, definitely look at places like We Ko Pa who will have top notch conditioning. 

The grass on the greens was kept long to keep it from dying in 115 degree heat but the greens were very consistent so once you nailed the pace you could do pretty well on the greens.

My driver really wasn't working on the day I played the course so it was a pretty frustrating experience playing a course that requires long and straight drives but once I got to 150 yards and in, I could score pretty well. It all comes down to the boom stick here but my incompetence aside, I could see why Saguaro is constantly ranked in the top 5 golf courses in Arizona (considering the amount of courses in Arizona, this is no small feat). 

The staff were all super friendly and the routing kept things interesting throughout. This course is truly a class above in Arizona.

For more info on We Ko Pa, check it out here: