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2019 Plans

So the last few years on this quest I have been going after courses pretty hard. Now that I am halfway through the quest, the courses are getting further and further from my home base in California and I am thinking 2019 might be more of an in-between year rather than getting another 25% checked off.

Be that as it may, here is what I am trying to line up for this year! Several of these courses are private so any help on obtaining an invite would be greatly appreciated. As always, you can contact me at and discretion is assured!

Cabot Cliffs!

Since it opened, this course has zoomed to the top of all the golf rankings. It might be the most lauded public track C&C has designed and is certainly one of the most spectacular after Kapalua. I love going to far flung places and Inverness Nova Scotia is perhaps the most far flung golf destination you could go to. I want golf coming out my fingers and lobster coming out of my ears when I go here in 2019. Double bonus, I get to golf with my good buddy Darin so good golf and good company!

Old Sandwich!

I am planning on going to Cape Cod later this year and since I will be in the area, I will HAVE to check out Old Sandwich. As far as C&C courses go, this one is the highest ranked one that constantly flies under the radar. It is a private club so efforts are underway to schedule a round, cross fingers for me!


East Hampton!

Since I have been on this quest, I have been really judicious about non-C&C golf trips. I really only want to spend my precious vacation time making sure I at least check one C&C course box when I am out of the office. There is an off-chance that I will get to play some of the classic Southhampton courses this year and if I find myself out on Long Island then I am definitely going to try and play this under the radar gem.

Hidden Creek!

Hidden Creek is a bit of an enigma. Despite their willingness to host the US Senior Amateur as well as US Open qualifying, they are an intensely private club which I have found very difficult to crack. I have tried once so far to play it but failed. There are definitely some changes afoot with the club being recently purchased by the Dormie Network which, while private, may bring a different style of operation to the club.

Be that as it may, private is still private so for HC, I may end up going the charity golf route. I have only done this once before, gaining access to Colorado Golf Club that way but it is for a good cause and if I can swing it schedule-wise, I will be in Joisy for golf in the fall.

What C&C courses are you planning to play in 2019? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Well...Cabot Cliffs is outside chance for me but definitely maybe! Haha. Still checking others out. As an east coaster I think we have less


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