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Barton Creek

When people think of Coore/Crenshaw courses their minds typically drift to the more fantastical routings like at Sand Hills or the vistas at Kapalua. However, I put it to you that the specialness of Coore & Crenshaw can really shine through in a resort course like Barton Creek which often doesn't get lauded as much as other picture-ready courses in C&C's portfolio. The course was renovated throughout the summer and fall of 2018 and was in great shape when I played it. It starts and ends by playing over Barton Creek and with a few forced carries on the day, the track is reminiscent of We-Ko-Pa in that while the forced carries create tension in the brain but in reality all can be navigated by most golfers. The rest of the front 9 is what I would consider be "resort" golf. The C&C course is one of 4 courses part of the Barton Creek resort and the front nine is there for guests to get their "sea legs" under them as the course has slight

Bandon Trails/Preserve

When you think of the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort you think of wild golf holes set by the raging Pacific with the gorse on full display a la Royal County Down. What you get at Bandon Trails is something all together different and taken as a whole, Coore and Crenshaw have created another gem in their portfolio. C&C does give the golf a bit of the dunes magic by running the first two holes through the dunes starting with the first hole which is very similar to how the first hole at Sand Valley starts with a short par four running slightly uphill to the left. The second hole sets the tone for the rest of the par 3s on Trails and that tone is spectacular. While I greatly enjoyed Trails, the par 3s are the belles of the ball with each one giving you all you could want visually and challenge you all you could want strategically. Here is the second hole: Isn't that just a feast for the eyes? It is downhill with hidden bailouts to the right and allows the golfer to go birdi

2018 Plans

What is it, time for another year? When did this happen? What happened to 2017? I have a lot of questions but the only answer is play more golf! I knocked off a few C&C courses last year all over the country and this year I aim to do it again. Here are a few on the hit parade for 2018! Texas Swing : Texas is a big state and just big enough to accommodate 3 Coore-Crenshaw courses. I have already been fortunate to play Trinity Forest (can't wait for my next round there!) but there are still 2 more I have to play. First up is the mysterious Austin Golf Club. There are few pictures of this course and even fewer people have played it but I am hopeful to get my mystery card punched in a few months. Next is Barton Creek's course . BC has multiple golf courses, all of which look awesome but my heart is set on the aptly named "Coore Crenshaw Golf Course". Can't wait to check out the resort and also some Texas BBQ while I am in Austin. Bandon, Finally :